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Care-De is a pet pads manufacturer in China. Our company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and is equipped with 26 advanced manufacturing facilities. Care-De produces a large number of pet pads every day to meet your purchasing needs. Meanwhile, our delivery time is fast than other factories. With excellent quality and competitive prices, our products are well sold in Europe, the USA, Mid East, and Asia, which have won a great reputation from our customers.

Pet Pads are mainly used in training puppies or dogs to pee when they stay indoors for long periods of time. They are not the most glamorous thing to have to lie around. However, when it comes to training a puppy, many pet parents feel it’s a whole lot better than something else lying-er, puddling-around the home. And you will find they are very useful to protect your home furniture and keep your house clean. If you are looking for the best training pads (potty pads), so you are in the right place.

Welcome to Care-De Pet Pads. We have broken the traditional method of making pet pads, it makes the pad more absorbent. Our materials contain Non-woven, Tissue, Fluff(SAP), and PE film.

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It is not only absorbent but also a PE film on the back, which is also resistant to leakage. In addition, it also has a deodorizing function. Pet parents can benefit from the superior pet pad. Because it can help them reduce the times of cleaning and make the air fresh. The most thing is protecting your furniture effectively. You know, there are many potty pads brands on the market, but the ideal pads are few. Anyway, you can give a try on Care-De Pet Pad.

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Product Details

22" x 22" (56 x 56 cm)
22" x 23" (56 x 58 cm)
17" x 24" (40 x 60 cm)
23" x 24" (60 x 60 cm)
23" x 26" (60 x 90 cm)

Non-woven+Tissue+Fluff(SAP)+Tissue+PE Film

Colors: Blue; White; Green; Pink.

According to customers' requirements

We can also produce other specifications according to the samples and requests of our customers.

The pros for Care-De Pet Pads are obvious:

  • Super-Absorbent.
  • Quick-drying surface to prevent tracking.
  • Neutralizes odors.
  • High-quality & Affordable.
  • They're comfortable for dogs or cats.
  • They make cleanup easy.
  • They are convenient for potty training.
  • They're good options for dogs who can’t go outside for health reasons.

Why most pet supplies Distributors and Retailers Choose Us?

Care-De is a professional Pet Pads Manufacturer. With excellent quality and reasonable price, we are better in the fierce competition. Our pet products are well sold in Europe, the USA, Mid East, and Asia, which have won great reputation from our customers.

If you are looking for the Best Pet Pad Manufacturer or Supplier from China, Care-De is your ideal choice. Contact us now to get a surprise wholesale price!

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