Welcome to Care-De Pet Pads

Welcome to Care-De Pet Pads

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Care-De Pet Supplies

Pet Pads

Care-De is a professional manufacturer of pet pads offers high-quality pads with sealed edges and leak-proof backing (PE Film). These pads are super absorbent can protect your floors and keep your house clean. In another hand, our pet pads can effectively attract your pet for easier training. If you're looking for a trusty manufacturer or supplier of pet pads, Care-De is your ideal choice, cause we have an absolute advantage in pricing.

Training & Behavior

As you know, training pets is a hard task. Especially teach them new tricks! But with time and patience, you can help your puppy or kitten learn good habits, and maybe break some bad ones. Check out Care-De Training Supplies to help your pets establish good behavior. It can make people's relationship with pets more harmonious. With excellent quality and reasonable prices, our products sold well around the world!

Pet Toys

Care-De provides all kind of pet toys for dogs and cats, like ropes, balls, squeakers, bones, wand toys, scratching pads, etc. Anytime is playtime, especially your pet has a favorite toy makes playtime fun. Our toys come in top-selling patterns and shapes made with premium materials that are built to last. Care-De logical pet toys can promote interactive playtime, perfect for building a bond between you and your best friend.


Healthy and maintained fur doesn’t just make your pet look good. It can also help prevent disease and minimize hairballs to keep your pets more clean and healthy! Care-De supplies a wide variety of grooming tools (shampoos, combs, deodorizers, etc) and accessories that make it easy. Not only are these products safe, but also make a great excuse to spend some one-on-one time with your pet!

Care-De Best Sellers

About Us

About Care-De

Changzhou Care-De

Founded in 1997, Changzhou Care-De Sanitary Material Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, which is near Shanghai and Nanjing ports. Our company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and is equipped with 26 advanced manufacturing facilities and clean workshops.

We specialize in the production of Pet Supplies with various specifications and requirements, which are mainly used in pet care, training, everyday life, etc.

Our main products are about Pet Pads, Toys, Food, Training & Behavior, Grooming, Health Supplies, Treats, etc. With excellent quality and reasonable prices, our products are well sold in Europe, the USA, Mid East, and Asia, which have won great reputation from our customers.

Why Choose Us?

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

Care-De has advanced machines. Our factory produces high-quality pet products mainly used for Dogs and Cats. Among them, disposable pet pads are our core product. Available in customized for every customer.

On-schedule Delivery

On-schedule Delivery

Care-De owns the factory in Jiangsu, has convenient transport, easy to connect everywhere. Care-De has 26 Lines to produce the Pet Supplies, strong ability of production can make any order on-schedule delivery.

Competitive Price

Competitive Price

Care-De is not only a trading company but also a factory. So we could provide the most competitive price, also superior quality pet products at the same time. So, give us a chance to work with you, and you will gain a lot. Contact us now!

Our Guarantee

If you're looking for the best Pet Products Manufacturer, this is the right place for you! We are passionate about providing high quality and safe pet supplies that support our distributors and retailer needs.

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