The Right Way for Puppy or Adult Dog Potty Training

Whenever you bring home a puppy or an adult dog then you will have to potty train him. In this write-up, you will brief information about the reasons for dog potty training and the methods for puppy potty training.

The necessity of Puppy Potty Training

It is necessary to potty train the adult dog or puppy you have bright home recently otherwise he can spoil your furniture and carpets by urinating or defecating on them inside your home. You should potty train the puppy or dog to avoid such soiling as well as accidents.

What are the methods for dog potty training?

Training Pads for Puppy or Adult DogBefore discussing how to potty train a puppy you should know that you should be patient, consistent and have a positive attitude while potty training your dog or puppy. You can use potty training pads for this purpose. It will help your dog to learn where he should relieve him in the house. You can also use potty pads to train your puppy to defecate outside your home. It will allow him to urinate inside the house in your absence but in your presence go outside for soiling.

Keep the place clean

By potty training your dog you will be able to keep your place clean. It will help you in maintaining a hygienically clean environment inside your home. You should also clean the place instantly as your dog urinates inside your home to avoid odd smell in it.

Keep a Schedule

While starting to potty train your puppy or dog by using potty training pads you should, first of all, make a schedule for 24 hours and follow it consistently. It will help in establishing a routine for your dog and you, both. Your dog has to go out in the morning, after meals, before bedtime and playtimes so you will have to set your schedule accordingly. This schedule can be different for every dog according to his physical condition, and age. You should observe the routine of your dog/puppy for how long he can hold his bladder on a monthly basis as his habits can change as he ages. Normally a 2 months old puppy can hold his bladder at the most for 3 hours and a three months old puppy for 4 hours maximum etc.

Not on the Carpet

Best Dog Potty Pads For PuppyInstead of allowing the dog or puppy to soil your carpets or furniture you can use potty pads to train them to defecate at a particular spot in your house.

So, first of all, you should choose a spot in your house where you can allow your dog or puppy to relieve inside your home. It should be an easy-to-clean area like your bathroom etc. where you can place the potty training pads.

If you do not want him to soil inside your home then you can also put these pads outside your home at your doorstep. Now you will have to understand the signs of your dog when he wants to urinate or defecate so that you can take him to the designated spot and say some verbal instructions to defecate like Go Potty’ etc.

You should clean the potty pads immediately after your dog relieves on it. However, you should keep a pad on which he has urinated underneath the clean pad as dogs normally relieve where they smell their urine.

So you will have to watch your dog vigilantly when he is out of his den as he can be tempted to urinate or defecate. You can easily notice the probability of accidents if you are vigilant about his activities.

Benefits of dog potty training

When you use potty training pads for your dog potty training then it can offer you several benefits like:

  • It becomes easier to clean the urine or defecation
  • It saves a lot of your time
  • Helps in keeping your home clean
  • You can clean up accidents more easily
  • It helps in keeping your dog healthy and safe
  • The problems caused by wet or cold weather can be eliminated easily
  • The use of potty pads can make the entire process of puppy potty training less stressful

Thus, the entire process of dog potty training can be made easier by using potty training pads especially when you live in small apartments and do not know how to potty train a puppy.

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