How to Dry Your Dog After A Bath?

Dry Your Dog After A BathOnce you give a bath to your dog, you need to dry them at the earliest. If your dog is fearful and has any sort of serious behavioral issues, it is recommended to consult the dog behavioral specialist before drying the dog. If you are wondering how to dry your dog after a bath? Go through this write-up:

How to Dry Your Dog After A Bath

A wide array of methods is available to dry the dog and you can pick one, following your convenience. Choosing the right Methods For Drying Your Dog is considered to be one of the crucial aspects of a successful dog grooming.

What kind of drying methods is suitable for dogs

Air drying is considered to be the most common option to dry your dog. You might allow your furry friend to air dry naturally and it is regarded as the easiest way to dry the dog. Once your dog gets a bath, it shows a natural reaction to shake from different sides vigorously for releasing the water. Within four seconds, your dog shakes almost 70% of the water from the fur.

Dog Towels

Using towels is considered to be another effective means to dry the dog. You should, however, ensure to keep a lot of towels handy. You need to replace every towel once they get wet. If you have a larger dog, make sure to choose a larger towel. It is recommended to place a soft and absorbent bath towel on the back of your pet and rub the coat gently for absorbing the water.

Hairdryer For the Dogs

Dog HairdryerChoosing hairdryer for the dogs is considered to be the best option for the dogs, having thick or long dogs. You should, however, use a dryer only if you are sure that your pet is not scared of the dryer.

Before you start to use the dryer to dry your dog, turn it on once your dog is in the room and then start drying the dog gradually as you find that it is getting comfortable with the noise. You should make sure to opt for the lowest heat setting and the least blowing speed.

Quick-dry Spray

The quick-dry spray is another effective means for drying your dog at the earliest. It plays a vital role in reducing the drying time significantly. This dry spray reduces the affinity of the hair for holding the water molecules.

If use Towels, But how to Choose the Super-absorbent Towels for Your Dog?

If you are planning to use towels to dry your dog, after a bath, make sure to keep the below-mentioned aspects in mind:

Absorbent Materials

Majority of the Super-absorbent Towels are composed of microfiber which is regarded as the soft, absorbent and comfortable fabric. Different grades of microfiber are available in the market. If you are looking for the top quality of dog towels, you should ensure that it is more absorbent, in comparison to the others.

Quick-Dry Feature

The coat of your dog is capable of holding a lot of water and thus the towel will be wet in no time. There are high chances that stinky odors may be developed in the towel. Hence, it is recommended to choose quick-drying towel which dries in no time.


Choose dog towels which are machine washable to ensure that no odors are developed in the dog towels.

Non-Hair Trapping Design

It is recommended to opt for dog towels that are composed of super densely woven fibers. These towels will not be trapping shed hair like other conventional towels available in the market. They also ensure that the hair of the dog does not stick inside the washing machine.

Benefits of quick-drying dog

Towel For Dog BathOnce you give a bath to your dog, you need to dry it quickly else it might start to stink. Also, they may start to roll on the carpet, and the dirt, present in the carpet, might make them dirty. Drying the dog quickly also ensures that your dog does not catch a cold.

As you make use of towels for drying the dog, you can be ensured that they are going to look amazing within the shortest possible time. They generally boast of sponge-like texture which helps in soaking water faster than ever.

They are considered to be the best option, in comparison to the microfiber and regular bath towels. The key to drying your dog quickly is wrapping him completely. Quick-drying towels are considered to be the best option to dry your dog quickly.

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