How to Adopt a Dog? What you should prepare for?

Adopting A DogWhen getting a new furry friend for the family, many questions arise. How to know which dog will be the best for us, are we even ready for one? Should we adopt or should we shop? What exactly do I need to prepare? Honestly, it can be quite tiring for the new dog owner to have to do all the searching by themselves, without guidance. That’s the why of this article: we want to help you prepare for your new pet companion.

Why should you adopt a dog?

Having a pet has many different benefits, for the one you will be helping an animal that can’t take care of itself have a great life, and they will repay the favor in love and cuddles. In particular, dogs also have the benefits of keeping you fit and healthy and helping you make new friends since you have to walk them. Not only that, but they add purpose and happiness to your life, and help prevent depression. Adopting instead of shopping is really important, too! By adopting, you’ll be helping a dog that would have otherwise spent their life in a kennel, or who might have been sacrificed; instead of supporting puppy mills.

What to expect when adopting a dog?

You should do some research before adopting a dog to see what kind of breed would fit your needs best: there are breeds that are bigger, others are smaller, some are more active than others too… however, head for the pet shelter with an open mind, as it is usually the pet that chooses the owner and not the other way around. Dogs have different personalities, just like humans, and no matter the breed there will be a lot of differences in that regard. Do not hesitate to ask the pet shelter workers to help you find a dog that would be perfect for you. Before this, you should know how to adopt a dog as possible as you can.

How to choose a dog?

How to choose a dogAs previously said, while you should keep an open mind it is not a bad idea to know more or less what you want. Puppies are extremely cute, but they are very rambunctious, playful and need a lot of exercise and attention, and are very delicate and need to be handled with care. Not only that, but their personality is not fully formed yet, so you won’t be able to know what you are getting.

An adult dog might be best for someone that can’t deal with that trouble, that already knows what kind of dog he wants, or for families that have kids or elderly people in them. Research about breeds carefully too: there are some breeds like a husky or the retrievers that need to run around a lot, so they are not a good choice if you work long hours. Some breeds are called “nursery dogs” because they are great with kids, like collies or golden retrievers. Big breeds like St Bernard are not going to be fit for a small apartment either. Don’t be swayed by whims or how cute the dog is, put the dog’s best interest and happiness at heart and make a rational choice, but of course keep your emotions onto it, too! Just adopt a dog and give him all you have.

Preparing your home for a dog:

Preparing your home for a dogPreparing your home for a dog doesn’t have to be extraneous, as dogs don’t need a lot and they like to be outside. Buy some bowls for food and water, a dog house if they are going to live outside, a cozy resting place if they are going to live inside, food and water, a leash, a collar and maybe a muzzle to take them out, and some toys to keep them entertained. Those are the basics, but if you want it would be nice to have nail clippers, shampoo and a brush that’s adequate for their coat. If you have chosen a puppy instead of an adult dog, you will have to make sure you puppy-proof the house and buy some puppy training pads.


Should I take my dog to the veterinary right after adoption? It would be wise to do so, for a small checkup and to get them the vaccines they need. it would also be smart to get your dog chipped, in case they escape.

Do I really need to take my dog for walks? Is it OK if I just let them out to pee or poo? It is absolutely crucial for every breed of dog to go on walks, even though some need more exercise than others. Find a breed of dog that fits your needs, and if you absolutely can’t allocate the time to walk your dog, please consider a dog walking service or consider getting another pet.

How long will the adoption process take? That depends on many variables. How much experience you have, how many people are at the shelter, how many pets you choose to visit, the laws surrounding pet care and adoption in your area, the requirements for adoption of every particular shelter… it usually doesn’t take much longer than two hours to take your friend home with you, though.

When you read this article, you already know how to adopt a dog correctly. And you will be kind to it and give it a happy life.

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