Indoor Dog Potty

Indoor Dog Potty

  • Keeps paws dry
  • No more torn potty pads
  • Save money on pads
  • Keeps floors clean
  • Multiple colors available
  • High-quality & Eco-friendly
  • Portable & Reusable
  • Easy to clean

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Product Description

ModelSize ( L x W x H )Pillar HeightApplicable Dog BreedWith Diapers
S48 x 32.5 x 4 CM12.5 CMSmall Dog/PuppyS
L67 x 48 x 5.5 CM12.5 CMMedium DogM

Care-De Indoor Dog Potty System

It features a perforated grate that snaps onto a plastic box. The high-quality perforated grate will allow pee to flow directly below your dog’s feet into the training pad or newspaper underneath keeping your pets’ feet dry and clean. This is a special feature of Care-De indoor dog potty! Most pet owners like this design.

You can place pet pads or newspaper in the box, and your dog pees on the grate. The liquid runs through the grate onto the pads beneath.

It is easy to clean the potty. Simply snap off the grate, change the material beneath, and rinse out the tray. Save your much time and money.

The main advantage of Care-De Pet Potty is that your pet’s paws will stay dry, protecting your flooring from damage.

For pet owners who don’t have enough time and energy, this is probably the best indoor dog potty system. This is also the best potty for a dog toilet.

Why Choose Us?

Care-De is a professional Dog Potty Manufacturer which is located in China. With excellent quality and reasonable prices, our products sell well in Europe, USA, Mid East, and Asia. Care-De has won a great reputation from distributors and retailers.

If you are looking for a steady Dog Potty Manufacturer or Supplier, Care-De is your ideal choice. Contact us now to get a surprise price.

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