Training Sprays

Training Sprays

  • Unique attractant scent.
  • Safe & Affordable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Encourages dogs to “go” where you want them to urinate.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor areas, artificial grass, and puppy pads.
  • Long-lasting concentrated formula.

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Product Description

Dog Training Sprays

Everyone who has ever had a new puppy and many of us who have rescued adult dogs before have all been in the same scenario. A dog who simply doesn’t understand where they should be going potty and accidents in places there really shouldn’t be. Your home ends up smelling bad, cleaning up the mess is a pain, and sometimes your dog just doesn’t seem to get it.

But don’t worry about that. Care-De Potty Training Spray has a unique attractant scent that helps to teach puppies and dogs of all ages where to potty using the same principles that cause dogs to mark their territory in the house or wild. Our products help train dogs to relieve themselves where you want them to. Pheromonal scents act as a signal telling dogs to go to the place where you have sprayed. You know it works great!

Great for both indoor and outdoor use, the concentrated formula provides long-lasting effects which aid in reducing housebreaking time. It can make your dog very smart and obedient. We are confident in the quality of our products. Care-De Dog Training Sprays can make people get along with their pets more harmoniously. And your pets will have good training & behavior.

Care-De is a professional dog Training Sprays Manufacturer. We specialize in the production of puppy training sprays with various specifications and requirements, which are mainly used in training puppies or adult dogs to pee at the right place whenever they stay indoors or outdoors. We have quality and price advantages.

If you are looking for a steady Dog Training Sprays manufacturer or supplier, Care-De is your ideal choice. We will give you the best price you wanted. Contact us now!

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